Kosher, catered lunch is available every day. See Rate Page for pricing.

Monday: Pizza and Cut Veggies. 

Tuesday: Salami/Turkey or Jelly Sandwiches and Carrot Sticks.

Wednesday: Baked Ziti, Macaroni & Cheese, Pasta, and Cut Veggies. 

Thursday: Tuna or Jelly Sandwiches and Carrot Sticks. 

Friday: Toddler to 3rd grade - Fish Sticks, Fries and Salad. 4th grade and up - Pita, Falafel, Salad and Fries.

Kosher dairy (except on salami day) or pareve lunch may be brought from home. Lunches will be refrigerated. 

Snacks are provided twice a day, including fresh fruit and cookies. Ice pops are given to children daily.

Water coolers are placed all over campsite.